Types of LLP Registrations

Equal Rights LLP

In such type of LLP, all partners mutually work together they share equal profit or loss of the company. They contribute equal capital, time, and energy in the LLP. All the partners have same rights and contribute equally in the management of the LLP.

Board Managed LLP

In such type of LLP, management is done by forming the board of partners similar to board of director in company. The partners have the day to day managerial and operational, decision making power rest in the hand of board/committee of partners.

Differential Powers LLP

In such type of LLP, partners hold different rights and powers. Some may be just investing while other may be holding managerial responsibilities. In order to avoid miscommunication and conflict, the rights and power of partners must be well defined and agreed on.


Absolute Rights LLP

In this type of LLP, there are only two partners, and one of them is appointed as the nominee or in only as the investor then the llp agreement will be drafted in such a way that one person will get all the management and decision making power.

Manager Managed LLP

In such type of LLP, partners appoint the manager and give him powers related to administration, management, operational of the company. The role of the partner is limited as investor and do not have any decision making power on activation.

Husband & Wife LLP

In such type of LLP if Husband and wife are running LLP, then special agreement related to tax liability can be made so as to minimize the family tax liability. Besides, they can choose any of the of LLP according to their convenience.