Features of Fixed Deposit Account

Flexibility of Duration

The tenure of the fixed deposit can be lowest to its highest. As the lowest tenure of fixed deposit can be of 7 days and the maximum tenure can be of 10 years. The choice of your tenure helps you in your investment goals and you may invest with your needs.

Versatile Interest

You can collect the interest gained on your principal amount in two ways - cumulative and non-cumulative. If you choose the cumulative option, the interest is compounded and deposited in your account at the end of your fixed deposit tenure.

Higher Rate of Interest

Investing your money with Finance Dost Fixed Deposit will yield high rate of interest. A higher rate of interest on your investment can help you stay ahead of the inflation curve. However, confirm the interest rates with the bank as interest rates are subject to change.

Auto-renewal Policy

In case you miss out on mentioning if the fixed deposit should be renewed or withdrawn at the end of its tenure, Finance Dost by default provides auto-renewal option for your fixed deposit. The entire sum at the end of the tenure is reinvested for the same period.

Overdraft Facility

Finance Dost provides you with an overdraft facility against your fixed deposit. In your hour of need, you can borrow up to 90% of the total fixed deposit amount. This does not impact your savings in any way but it helps you in your hour of need without any impact on your Fixed Deposit.

Tax Saver Deposit

With Finance Dost, you will get a special benefit termed as Tax saver deposit where you will be allowed to enjoy the same rate of interest as a regular deposit while helping you reduce the tax liability where the plan is in a locked-in period of five years.