Types of Credit Card

Basic Credit Card

This credit card will be the preferred choice for those who wish to try out using a credit card. You will be given a small credit limit based on your income and you can make purchases with the given limit.

Secured Credit Card

Individuals who have a poor credit history can get hold of a secured credit card by making a deposit equal to the credit limit of the card. This deposit acts as a security to issue the credit card for banks.

No Annual Fee Credit Card

A no annual fee credit card is the one that does not levy an annual fee for the usage of the credit card. It can be considered as a basic credit or slightly above that level that provides very few benefits.

Entertainment Credit Card

Credit cards that provide discounts and offers on entertainment-related spends are known as entertainment credit cards. It include movie ticket purchase, concert ticket purchase, amusement park ticket purchase, and other events.

Premium Credit Card

Premium credit cards are dedicated for selected few. It provides free access to golf clubs, airport lounges, concierge service, and insurance. It may also come with complimentary travel and hotel accommodation coupons.

Business Credit Card

These cards are designed specifically for business use. This is to make sure that business and personal expenditure are maintained separately. However, even a business credit card requires you to have a good credit history to be eligible