Benefits of Company Registration

Limited Liability

Shareholders Can Be Held Responsible For Business Losses. The Liability Is Limited To The Unpaid Capital As Subscribed.

Separate Legal Entity

Being creation of law, the company is a juristic and separate legal person, different from its shareholder or director.

Perpetual Succession

The Company Remains In Existence Beyond The Life Of Shareholders. As It Is A Creation Of Law, It Can Be Closed By Law.

Easy Funding

The Private Limited Company Structure Is The Most Suitable For Raising Finance Or Funding From The Angel Investors.

Tax Advantage

Income Tax On Companies Is The Lowest In India; It Is 15% For Manufacturing Units And 22% On All Other Companies.

FDI is allowed

In Most Of The Sectors, The Fdi Is Allowed Under The Automatic Approval Route. A Company Is Ideal To Receive Fdi In India.